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  • Amy did a presentation at our NACREC June Workshop in Grand Island, NE called "Seven More Days". She reminded us how important it is to make the choice each day to live a life of positivity and to celebrate the small things. She was fantastic and received a standing ovation! Excellent Rating!! -Teresa M., County Clerk
  • The content of the event was good, but it was Amy who made it excellent. -Kristin G., Marketing Support Specialist
  • Amy was an amazing speaker! She was engaging, funny, knowledgeable, open, and helpful... I learned an insane amount in just one hour! Thank you! -Jonquil H., Program Coordinator
  • Amy rocked it! She's a great speaker, very positive, and great delivery! Buying her book for more! -Liz O.
  • Amy will rock your stage! Fueled by determination, drive, and dedication, Amy’s talent and imagination not only captures an audience, but transforms an audience! She meticulously crafts every winning performance in order to make a difference with her message. Her dynamic aura on stage turns to dynamite instantly! She knows how to build motivation, amp up her audience and deliver results.


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