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  • Seven More Days Keynote

  • After her mother was  diagnosed with terminal brain cancer...


    Amy searched to find the silver lining within the tragic circumstances. She knew the end of her mom’s life was near, and she became more and more heartbroken as this reality set in.


    To make the distressing situation even worse, Amy’s mom was quickly losing the ability to communicate. Amy realized she would not have any more meaningful conversations with her mom or receive last words of wisdom. Amy felt like she had so many questions for her mom that would go unanswered.

    Amy wasn’t ready to give up...

    Amy began sharing her story on social media and in the digital world. Amy saw how she and others were drawn to, inspired and mesmerized by the sharing of peace and positivity.

    The lessons Amy so badly wanted to learn from her mom didn't require a conversation at all. Through her own example, Amy’s mom already taught Amy the best lesson of all:

    How to live a life that is bursting with positivity and happiness.

    Through this, Amy studied the science behind happiness and became a Positive Psychology Practitioner.

    She now brings this story and science to the stage as she mesmerizes audiences with her raw, but real story leaving them in awe, inspired, and emotionally charged to make a difference in this world!

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