What Others Are Saying

I previously attended one of Amy’s 1 Day workshops and loved it. So, So, So happy she is doing this one too! Very personable! Quality content and extra tips provided!

Nancy S., Physician

Very Animated! Loved everything about Amy!!

Bridget H., Marketing Manager

Amy was an amazing speaker! She was engaging, funny, knowledgeable, open, and helpful… I learned an insane amount in just one hour! Thank you!

Jonquil H., Program Coordinator

The content of the event was good, but it was Amy who made it excellent.

Kristin G., Marketing Support Specialist

Amy is awesome! So dynamic! And knowledgeable, and experienced!

The workshop was amazing! Amy has a lot of energy and would love to attend another workshop with her!

Kris M., Marketing Communication Specialist

Amy Dix knows her stuff! She’s high energy and very knowledgeable. I would love to have a one-on-one session with her to pick her brain and dig deeper!

Jolena S., Social Media Coordinator

Amy was one of the most effective and well-versed speakers I’ve seen! She knows her subject and gave invaluable resources. I marked it a 10 because it was THAT good. Excellent content – I can’t wait to apply!

Robin K., Director of Communications

Amy’s enthusiasm and knowledge go hand in hand and make for an excellent experience!

Daniel V., Director of Graphic Design

Amy is amazing! She has a great personality and the workshop is informative, entertaining, and fun. Overall everything is a 10. We learned a great deal. Too bad it is only 2 days, 🙁 It was THAT good!

Melissa G., Digital Marketing Manager

Amy Dix was outstanding! Her knowledge combined with her entertaining way of communication was well worth the investment!

Felicia P., Vice President of Marketing

Amy rocked it! She’s a great speaker, very positive, and great delivery! Buying her book for more!

Liz O.

Amy was absolutely amazing! Bubbly and full of energy! I would recommend anyone who wants a better understanding of social media to contact her.

Al U., Business Development Specialist

Impressed with Amy! I wish I could attend all of her talks!

Tony T., Marketing Director

Amy was fabulous! She kept our attention, very informative, organized, and energetic! I would go to ANY of her sessions!

Stachia V., Secretary

Amy is excellent! I would take another workshop with her in a heartbeat!

Lindy M., Marketing Coordinator

Amy was righteous – great job! She made the event interesting and memorable!

Jennifer S., Senior Graphic Designer

I loved Amy Dix!!  She was fun and shared so much information with us!!  Great presenter!!
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