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Stop Asking Yourself, “What Is The Meaning Of My Life?”

We need to stop asking ourselves: What is the meaning OF my life?

Instead, let’s ask ourselves: What can I do to experience more meaning IN my life?

I’ve been contemplating this one lately… 

You can find within the BRIGHT SIDE of life and within the DARK SIDE of life. I think this is an important distinction. 

During the BRIGHT of life, meaning usually appears naturally. You feel it. You are aware of it. You realize happiness and hope for its endless existence. 

When you find meaning on the BRIGHT SIDE of life…

The question is how do you DESIGN YOUR LIFE in a way that you don’t have to look for meaning- that it happens within numerous moments of your day…year…life. You want to repeat your happiness and the feeling of meaning again and again so that you can get to a point whether you notice it is there or not.

But what about the DARK SIDE of life? When things are not quite so great? Your current situation isn’t exactly what you hoped for, or thought would ever be? How do you find meaning then?

It’s not always easy…but still an opportunity for meaning exists. 

When you find meaning on the DARK SIDE of life…

Meaning on the DARK SIDE of life presents itself when a stressful life event occurs. When we develop the willingness to look beyond their negative impact, true meaning can be revealed. Suffering can teach us what truly matters in life, find strengths within that maybe we didn’t realize we had, deeply connect us with others, and motivate us to get beyond the negative and maybe find meaning in it too.

I am making a promise to myself and to you today…

I invite you to take on this challenge with me!

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