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If you had 7 days left to live, what would you do?

While most address this question rhetorically, Happiness Expert Amy Dix tells a story of what it’s like to have the odds stacked against you. But from a family tree inundated with premature deaths, the question of 7 days starts to feel more imminent.  

…so where to start… How do we measure happiness?

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Measuring Happiness

The blurred line between what’s measurable and what’s pleasurable: defining happiness and striving for it.

The World Happiness Report (WHR) states that the US dropped from 11th to 19th place in the last decade. What’s responsible for this downward spiral, and what can we do to change our personal trajectory?

From a more informal survey, Amy Dix asked thousands of guests the question of 7 days. To no one’s surprise, the responses focused on happy times spent with loved ones, sharing wisdom to maintain happiness and the pursuit of personal growth. 

Encouraged by the consistent responses, “The Happiness Artist” was born. Taking advantage of a world that slowed, river muck cleared away, and skies redefining the color blue, Amy Dix pursued a new hobby…painting. 

Her pursuit of personal growth allowed her to share time and wisdom with loved ones. Happiness was just a few paint strokes away.

Watch Amy strike awe in your audience as she paints live, invoking creativity, elation, and engagement to your stage. 

Watch Amy in Action

Amy Dix with Kevin Harrington, the Original Shark of Shark Tank



I am not Afraid to Die

Happiness is the Single Biggest Predictor of Life Satisfaction

Amy’s live painting will elicit laughter, inspiration, and tears of joy. Fueled by determination, drive, and dedication, Amy’s talent and imagination captures an audience, transforms mindset, and leaves a story of residual hope with every guest! 

She meticulously crafts every winning performance to conjure a message unique for each audience. Her dynamic aura on stage turns to dynamite instantly! She thrives on building motivation, energizing her audience, and producing divine results.

Through the ART and SCIENCE of happiness, Amy leads a journey of self-reflection while painting live on stage. 

This is not just a keynote. This is a re-imagined performance.

A Motivational Speaker on Happiness and Transformation